Works on Paper

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Between 1976 and 2000 Barry completed about 50 limited edition prints and about a dozen works in cast paper.  Most of the prints are serigraphs which are silk-screen prints done by the artist (and major partner Jim Hunziker).  Some (noted) are lithographs and/or giclee prints.  Cast paper is finely pulverized paper in a water mix that has been poured into a mold, pressed and allowed to dry, then sometimes painted and/or inset with shell as noted. 

*Note: A limited edition print which has sold out is never really over.  Barry is frequently contacted by people who want to know the value or the salability of a print or work in cast paper which has been accessioned from a family estate, private collection, found in a garage sale, kept or relnquished in a divorce, or which an owner has lost interest in (unbelievable of course).  So eventually everything can or does show up again.  Let us know what you want, check back from time to time - we'll keep you on file for notification.

Important: the first ten of most of the serigraph work (usually in editions of 195 to 250) were set aside at the outset of the editions as special purchases, true also of Artist's Proofs (AP's) of which there are usually between 10 and 20 for each edition.  These works grew considerably in value when the edition sold out.  Thus, remaining full size serigraphs (22x30 or thereabouts) usually sell for $1000.00, ($800 for AP's), smaller ones (Land Otter for instance) sell for $500, (AP's. $350).  Most serigraphs can still be found, or obtained with patience, (two or more of the first ten usually exist - in late 2014 -), or they can be found in small numbers of remaining AP's.  Be welcome to inquire.

Additionally, it is wise to check Ebay and other public art sources for Herem's work in any form.  When work shows up it is often at a good price.